Striving to satisfy our customers (ONLY1NE FAM)

We constantly try to make it easier for customers to shop on our website with no issues whatsoever. As a new brand dealing with ecommerce, we have to find new ways to attract and ease customers shopping experience. This is because it is hard enough for any customer to trust a new brand and therefore succeeding to get them to shop is a great achievement. We try to make sure navigating the site isn’t a hassle for our customers else it would discourage and drive the customers away.

Aside from having a simple and friendly design website with clear digital photos and every image laid out in an average size and labeled in a readable font, the ONLY1NE website is easy to understand and navigate. Our website is made up of beautiful, bright, captivating and eye-catching colours which makes entertaining. Our pictures were taken both in studios and outdoors. This combination gives customers a clear view of what they should expect in the mail.

We provide five different payment options for our customers. This gives at least one convenient payment method for each customer. Our social media platforms are all labeled at the bottom of the website from where customers can visit our pages for real-life pictures.

ONLY1NE also prides itself on having two websites. One ships to all of Asia, Europe and U.S.A and the second website is fairly new and offers shipping to Cameroon ONLY for now. Both websites are intertwined which means either of them can be accessed from the other website and this makes it easier to access both without having to type it out. We are still working to see that we can be able to ship to more African countries if not all of them.

Customers are able to contact us with ease via a simple contact form, Social media or via our live chat option.

By Hannah Nnam

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