Street-wear is the new “Hot”

Fashion, for many people is an artistic way of expressing themselves. Moreover, the industry is already evolving in two directions: complete self-expression and total comfort.

With social movements growing and technology changing our lives, rules are undeniably being broken across the industry. Our everyday life is becoming so much different that everybody is looking for comfort and wearability. What we have witnessed for a long time is the rise of streetwear. Tracksuits and sneakers have made it to the runways. And in 2019, cycling shorts have become the epitome of cool. For instance, both men and women no longer need to wear suits to work in most industries. Women are not tied to high heels or traditional ideas of femininity. Basically, comfort translates to freedom.

Street-wear as a scene will continue growing strong and dictate how the industry should work. It is a symbol of free thinking, youth and everything that the world of tomorrow holds. The future of fashion rests with designers who lead rather than follow. In designers who are truly free. We are becoming more diverse – more true to our individual selves and our communities. It’s not a case of destroying traditions, it’s not even changing the way we look, it’s transforming the way we experience, the way we think.

By Elisaveta Lachina

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